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  1. Definitely interested in this . When will you have Beta version available ?

    I’m really glad you are developing it for Mac OS. (I’m a Mac guy all the way) I’ve wanted to get the free version for Windows, but have never got around to installing Windows (with Bootcamp) on my Mac . I’d much prefer a native Mac version . Thanks for resurrecting PAP .

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Thanks Nicholas! Understandable that you want the native Mac version. πŸ™‚

      About the beta version. Hard to say, since we are yet to start coding the first line. But somewhere between 6 to 12 months would be an educated guess.

  2. Great news that you’re planning to revive and overhaul PAP. As understandable as it is to develop the new version for Mac’s I hope there are plans for a Windows version too.

    I would imagine a lot of users who actually use PAP are Windows only people (myself included).

  3. This is exciting news! I am really looking forward to this! I think all three platforms need this update. BTW, the few iPad-Apps for handdrawn animation I have tested can be easily topped. They all lack some pretty basic functionality like holding frames, or customizable onion skinning. But a simple and well done animation tool is welcome on the other platforms, as well. I put all my hopes on you, guys!

  4. When you get to the WIndows version, can you please be sure to use the new MS Ink drivers instead of Wintab? Wintab drivers do not play nicely with anyone who uses a digitizer not made by Wacom.

  5. Sounds exciting! I am multiplatform but most looking forward to a Windows version. That said, for a long time I have been hoping for a good 2d animation program that has a good brush engine (not vector!), an easy to use GUI/time line, and affordable! Please let this be the one!!!

  6. Very excited about this. I kept waiting for the Mac version of PAP, eventually ended up using it through Bootcamp, but it was taking too much time to switch back and forth between environments. Now I’m using TVPaint, which has some excellent features for rough animation like PAP, but feels unwieldly. I would love to have an Animation Paper –> Toon Boom workflow.

  7. Hi!
    Thank you for, somehow, keep developing over the PAP principles.
    I think PAP is (until today) the best animation app for Linux. Sadly I didn’t see mention to it for this new app (and since PAP was released for free there wasn’t the Linux equivalent).
    Is there any plans to release a Linux version?

  8. Niels – your old program might be “outdated” but I truly appreciate your generosity in continuing to make the old version available for newbies like myself to learn and experiment with. I’m a longtime doodler, having just downloaded your program and so far, despite my stubborn apprehension in jumping into it, and producing a few seconds of rough animation, your program is proving to be a lot of fun! Your encouragement in your tutorials to just “animate!” is especially appreciated. Thank you for opening up a whole new world of possibilities here – it’s a weird thrill seeing my doodles rolling their eyes back at me.

  9. Old PAP is not as outdated as you claim it is! me and two other classmate used it to correct and clean our animations for our 2nd year short film and it worked perfectly.
    you can check said short film here if you want : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIIRMMEA-_Q

    Although i find the old PAP perfectly functionnal as it is, i’m eager to see what this new version will offer(as long as it keeps all the light table and layer options).

  10. I am also very excited for AP. There just isn’t enough focus on a solid bitmap/rasterised 2D animation engine anymore, and we are all very eager to support you and your vision.

    I would love the opportunity to test the software and provide feedback during development, but I have a Windows machine. I’m not a software developer (just an animator!) so I don’t know what’s required to develop for 2 different operating systems, but I hope you are able to develop both the Win and Mac versions in tandem. You have a real opportunity to be a leader in traditional 2D animation software revival . Best of luck guys!

  11. I really love PAP 4! This is very exciting, to know that you guys are updating this! I will definitely buy the new version that build upon this amazing app!

  12. Well, I sincerely congratulate you on the PAP4 has been my tool of animation studies and exercises for a few years. It is practical and fun. Even I do not have a professional lightbox but the PAP has allowed me to enter the world of cartoons. Thank you. And they sure go ahead to come to an amazing product! The greeting from Argentina. Emitx

  13. i really really love this software , my mac just crashed, so i was looking for some win app , that was light….. but im just amazed that the programa has an interface worderfull and similar to tradional animations, is so rare to find this.
    exellent work !!!

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Sure. The old PAP do safe GIFs, but unfortunately not animated GIFs. So what you do is you just export in png’s, AVI or some other format (many to choose from when you export inside PAP). Then use any animated GIF converter to create the GIF from your sequence of frames or your AVI.

      Let me know if this help you at all – or if you need more info.


    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Mark, the free version is the old version. And that is only avaiable for PC/Windows.

      The new version, that we are working on right now is coming to both PC, Mac and Linux. And after that release the plan is to do a touch version for iPad Pro with Pencil and Android tablets as well.

  14. Hey, I love this software and have been loving it since it was being sold. I redownloaded it today f rom here just last night. I have a problem though, I don’t know why it keeps skipping 6 frames everytime I press play.

      1. I think it’s my computer. I noticed when I hold the left or right arrow keys to go through the frames manually, that it skips frames as well. Blast it. Anyway, thanks for your quick reply and willingness to help. Anyway, how’s the new version of the software coming?

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