April 22, 2022 at 11:00 pm #4678

Yes, I am on PC and using windows 10.

Also just discovered something that I dont think Im understanding lol. On the x sheet theres a lil cursor icon and below that theres like a window and I just found I can draw on that window. I can even switch between the brush and the pencil. Uhhhhmmm….I dont know what its for. Can you tell me please.

Oh, also when I imported an image into Animation Paper, its just a drawing I did of Yosimiti sam, jpeg, its greywed in the xsheet. Can we do anything with imported images cut and past or copy onto another layer?

I aslo found that after attempting to draw on Yosimiti image and realizing I couldnt, when I went back to a normal layer I wasnt able to draw I had to select the pencil again. I think maybe for smoother transition that should happen automatically if I have reselected a layer that I drew on previously.