Shortcuts for PC:

Please note: In the current alpha, some features are planned, but not implemented yet. Planned features are shown in grey in the Animation Paper menus.

Draw (latest drawing tool)


Draw Settings (To have the settings box come up, where you have your pointer, press and hold D as you adjust your settings, then let go of D again to close the box)

Shift D    or   Hold D

Erase (latest erasing tool)


Erase Settings (As with Draw Settings above, you can use press and hold E to get to the settings quickly)

Shift E   or   Hold E

Toggle between Draw and Erase

(Period)   .

Kneaded Eraser


Rubber Eraser


Vinyl Eraser



P or 4


M or 5


B or 6

Reset User Settings for Drawing Tools or Erasing Tools

Shift Ctrl D   or   Shift Ctrl E

Adjust size smaller or larger

[   or   ]

Toggle Cursor look (between Crosshair and Dot)

(Comma)   ,

Flip & Play



Playback mode: Full Screen

Ctrl F

Flipping - Step Back / Step Forward

Left / Right arrow keys

Back / Forward - skipping local clones

Up / Down arrow keys

Skip Back / Forward - to drawing marked with a Key

Shift Up / Down arrow keys

Return Flip (Flips backwards as Return/Enter key is held, then flips forward to end at current frame)

Hold Return

Jump to Start / Jump to End

Home   /   End

Step Range-Start Back or Forward

Ctrl Left arrow   or   Ctrl Right arrow

Step Range-End Back or Forward

Shift Ctrl Left arrow   or  Shift  Ctrl Right arrow

Reset Range-Start to First Frame or Range-End to Last Frame

Ctrl Home   or   Ctrl End

Expert Flipping (alternative to using arrow keys):


Flip between originals (Back / Forward - skipping local clones)

Q   /   W

Crawl on to clones (Step Back / Step Forward)

Alt Q   /   Alt W

Flip between Marked Key Drawings only

Caps Lock on (or hold Shift) while using Q and W

Light Table (View)

Backlight (Onion Skin) On/Off

Shift Space

Customize Backlight...

Shift Ctrl Space

Toggle between A and B backlight setting

Shift Alt Space

Hand Tool

Hold H   + drag


Hold Z   + drag


Hold R   + drag

Hand/Zoom/Rotate (combined tool)

Hold Space + drag in area

Reset View (0°, 100%, Centered)


Fit View

Ctrl 0

Zoom In / Out

Ctrl = or Ctrl + / Ctrl -

Zoom View X1, X2, X4, X8 or X16 (100% to 1600%) - Zoom in

Ctrl 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Zoom View X1/2, X1/4, X1/8 or X1/16 (50% to 6%) - Zoom out

Ctrl 6, 7, 8 or 9

Rotate View - Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise

>   or   <

Rotate View - Set to North, North East, East, South East, South, etc

Number keys on NumPad correspond to compass direction

Grid On/Off


Next Grid Type (cycle through the different grids)

Shift G

Mark (or Unmark) as Key Drawing


Unmark All (Clear Keys)

Shift K

Only Backlight Key Frames

Ctrl K

Mirror View


Take Frame Off the Pegs

Hold Alt and Ctrl + drag to  move and rotate


Show (or hide) the X-Sheet


Place X-Sheet at Opposite Side

Shift Tab

Toggle Mode - switch between Slide and Add Clones mode (when dragging X-Sheet Thumbnails)


New Layer


Duplicate Layer

Ctrl D

Delete Layer

Shift Ctrl Delete

Active Layer - Go to Layer Above or Below

PageUp   or   PageDown

Active Layer - Go to Top or Bottom Layer

Shift PageUp   or   Shift PageDown

Active Layer - Visible


Active Layer - Linked


Merge Layer Down (Right)


Merge All Visible Layers

Ctrl &

Unlink All Layers (Link All Layers)

U (Shift U)

X-Sheet Thumbnail Size - Smaller or Larger

Ctrl <   or   Ctrl >


Undo (multiple undos)

Ctrl Z

Redo (multiple redos)

Ctrl Y

Add Clone Drawing

 (Apostrophe)   '

Add Blank Drawing

Ctrl Down arrow

Insert Blank Drawing

Ctrl Up arrow

Turn Clone into Original


Cut Drawing (or Drawings)

Ctrl X

Copy Drawing (or Drawings)

Ctrl C

Paste Drawing (or Drawings)

Ctrl V

Clear Drawing (make it Blank)


Lose Drawing (Keep Timing)


Delete Drawing (or Selected Drawings)

Ctrl Delete

Back-delete Drawing (or Selected Drawings)

Ctrl Backspace

Select All Drawings

Ctrl A

Cycle Selected Drawings Once


Pick Up (Selection)





All (whole drawing)


Stamp Floating Selection


Drop Floating Selection


Get latest Floating Selection back

Shift Esc

To lock aspect - while scaling your selection:

Hold Shift

To keep your selection - while stamping:

Hold Shift


New Paint Layer (with Clone Structure of active layer)

Shift Ctrl N

Color Palette


Color Picker Tool (Eye Dropper)


Fill Tool



New Scene

Ctrl N

Open Scene

Ctrl O

Save Scene

Ctrl S

Save Scene As

Shift Ctrl S

Import (Frames, Movie Clip or Audio)

Ctrl I

Scene Settings...

Shift Ctrl I


Speed Dial (2nd Speed Dial - hold Shift S)

Hold S - then drag/release to select 

Show Tool Bar

Ctrl T


Ctrl (Comma) ,

Quit Animation Paper

Ctrl Q

Minimize Animation Paper

Win Down arrow key

Help - Video Tutorials

Ctrl ?