How to animate with the pre-release of Animation Paper

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Video 1 - Overview

Brief overview and introduction to the interface layout. Scene Settings, Tool Bar, X-Sheet with Layers and Timeline.

Video 2 - Drawing

Drawing and modifying artwork. Pencil, Marker, Brush and Erasers, customizing drawing tools, Pick Up menu with Lasso and Cutter, Backlight (Onion Skin) settings and Speed Dial.

Video 3 - Animation

Animation part 1: Animation Workflow, X-Sheet and Timing. Adding and Deleting frames (Drawings), Clone Drawings and Slide Mode.

Video 4 - Animation continued

Animation part 2: Chicken vs Pepper. More X-Sheet, Marking Keys, Cut/Copy/Paste Drawings, Frame Rate, Delete Layer and Active Layer Settings (Nothing, Freeze, Cycle).

Video 5 - Special Features

Showing various other features. Copy/paste multiple drawings, adjusting the Range, zooming numerically, Grid and Grid Types, Linking Layers and Take Frame Off the Pegs.

Watch videos in full-screen mode!