"This looks like really intuitive and exciting software. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!"
- Victor Navone, Supervising animator, Pixar
"Wow! This looks great! I really like the layout. Just like working on paper at my desk!"
- Aaron Blaise, Supervising animator, Digital Domain & Disney, Director of Brother Bear
"Really excited about Niels and his work to create a great 2D animation app! Please support him!"
- Jason Schleifer, Animation Industry Veteran, Head of Character Animation

Let’s revive hand drawn animation! Let’s get the fun and ease back into 2D!

Tomorrow, this is the way to do "traditional" animation

Animation Paper is a specialized software application in development. Designed for the experienced and professional animator. Fast and powerful - yet simple, intuitive and effortless to work with. Work rough, quickly test ideas, then clean it up. Animation Paper will be a ton of fun! Enabling new and life long students of animation to train, learn and master the art of animation.
Focus is on one thing - and one thing only: Hand Drawn Animation
With the support and help of you and the animation community, we seek to develop the most efficient, responsive, light weight, easy and awesome animation tool for all of us. Read more.
Thanks for signing up, spreading the word and discussing ideas. It means a lot.

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Old PAP: Outdated as Hell

The predecessor to Animation Paper was invented almost two decades ago and has been used and loved by animators (professionals, students and hobbyists) through out the world since then. Although PAP still have an incredible fan base, it is all too obvious that PAP is old.


Smell the Roses

Get your imagination going… take a few deep breaths… close your eyes… – wait, don’t do that. :) Read on…   Enjoy drawing the rough blue lines over layers of red layouts, do keys and breakdowns, turn on your real time light table, quickly move drawings around, refine your x-sheet timing to perfection, clean up […]


Video Tour of Animation Paper

This video takes you on a little tour of the planned Animation Paper interface. It is highly recommended to watch this video in full screen and HD. Features The No.1 feature of Animation Paper is the limited number of features. :) Keeping it clean and simple. Other than that, here’s the list of main features: […]