April 5, 2020 at 12:40 pm #2097
Ben SmithBen Smith

SO far I have spent two hours on it and went through the welcome tutorials.

I found the tutorials very helpful and enjoy them being displayed at startup.
I ususally disconnect from the internet for my main computer this helps productivity hahaha
Would you consider an offline activation?
Also make help videos offline?

after the tutorial vids I got stuck into a simple head turn. I have roughed out and timed the animation using most of what the tutorial teaches and have found the relatively small tool set uncluttered to use and fast to execute. Cut modes “C” and “X” are great. The flip option “Hold “Enter” is amazing (Possibally flip the other way as well “flip forward?”

I love the 3 eraser and the drawing tools.

The xsheet is a dream! and I look forward to annotations 😀

The back light is great, no probs there!

My experience with the new program is very positive and I look forward to the painting engines.

Keep up the great work!