April 5, 2020 at 6:57 pm #2136
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Thanks for all this Jareth! Much appreciated!

Of course it is not efficient to have to go to the menus all the time. For me the menus are where you explore and discover the features (sort of like you said with buttons). But then you use the interface or shortcut keys for efficiency. But when you do not really have the keyboard as an option, I do understand you want something else.

But the thing you are doing with first turn into Original and then clearing it – you don’t need to. It IS just one button. Clear Drawing. That’s it. The button is in the Tool Bar as well as in the SpeedDial – both of which would be ideal for your need I believe.

When color is introduced in a later alpha version you will be able to add paint layers and couple those with the corresponding line above and shadow layer in-between. Did you know about the link feature? Right now you can link two or more layers together so when you do any timing changes in one layer (like deleting or adding drawings), the same happens in the linked layers. Ideal for not having to adjust a shadow layer all the time or something else that needs to be in sync.

In the next big release (v6.0) we have plans for various advanced, yet simple to use, features for manipulating lines. Also tweening like you talk about.

Actually the line in the current alpha 1 is already stabilized. It is quite clever and subtle, so you don’t feel it that much, but it makes a huge difference compared to if it was not there.