April 6, 2020 at 2:51 am #2158

Are you sure? It’s actually a 3-screen setup. I’ll see if I can take a photo of my actual desk later, but here is a screenshot of my OpenToonz setup. Not my own work, I am afraid – can’t show it here, sorry. Just an old demo file.

But it demonstrates the usefulness of a screen pivoted in portrait mode for the X-Sheet. The Wacom is focused on the center screen, and I use the mouse with my left hand to control the rest. OpenToonz also features a horizontal timeline which I snapped at the bottom, but it is hidden by a double-click of the title bar in OpenToonz. Handy, since often a horizontal timeline is easier to work with, and I can do so with my Wacom for quick blocking and sketching instead of having to work with the X-Sheet.

So I always like my animation and drawing software to support multiple screens. Animation Paper’s current rigid GUI won’t let me use my screen space efficiently. I have noticed a lot of applications nowadays adopting a GUI like that, which is a shame: many creatives work on multiple screen setups. Makes no sense to me to limit the GUI in that regard.

I am planning on purchasing a new 32″ retina screen, because of 4K work, and then pivot one of the 27″ Samsungs instead. Even more screen estate! 🙂

Linkie: https://srv-file8.gofile.io/download/7NfGft/opentoonzsetup.jpg