November 16, 2020 at 10:41 pm #3317
Mark WatterstonMark Watterston

Gestures would be *the* selling point for many stubborn 2D animators having trouble transitioning from real paper and pencil to Cintiqs etc.

Pressing Return and getting a 5 page flip is cool and holding it down to get a repeat is awesome again, but here’s another suggestion:

Expand on gestures. eg.

Fanning 5 sheets of paper:
If you’re right-handed, I was thinking using all your 5 left fingers/hand in the upper left of the drawing area and sliding them back and forth across the screen to simulate fanning the animation paper flip.

Go back and forward a frame/keyframe:
A single fingered diagonal swipe from left corner or from the right corner to going to the previous or next drawing.
A two finger swipe would be the keyframes of the same thing.

New frame:
A single vertical swipe from upper center to simulate an animator getting a new sheet of paper from their blank pile of paper.
A two fingered vertical swipe from the upper center to add an inbetween the current and the next.

Play animation/Play button:
A single vertical swipe from the lower center to middle of screen to simulate an animator taking the paper off the pegs/drawing desk and flipping the full stack

The less keyboard interaction – the better.