December 12, 2020 at 2:24 pm #3379
Jaira SkirvinJaira Skirvin

Thanks Niels! I should have heeded the lasso warning long ago, but thankfully I am almost done with the “rough” animation layers where I believe the lasso problem lies, so I will be tracing the drawings for the clean animations and it should run smoother.
I’m just happy for a more accessible animation program that helped me through this semester, as the recommended program, ToonBoom, seemed too complex for me to learn quickly. Of the various hiccups in my semester (Media Encoder defaulting to 23.96 fps rather than 24 fps, a lost Wacom stylus, the replacement stylus having a battery issue) this is the first time Animation Paper has given me a problem. I’m happy to help uncover bugs and issues in the Alpha for you since I love the simplicity of Animation Paper’s layout and features, and am excited to see how added features (such as color and advanced Brush settings) will make it something special.
Thanks again