August 4, 2021 at 6:56 pm #3816
Katherine LeiterKatherine Leiter

Hey Niels! I will say as far as how the slide mode currently functions, my own initial expectation when I’d downloaded the software would be that the layers would pass through one another and swap places, rather than sliding everything that’s ahead of it. As I was thinking about it I do partially feel like the Add Clones functionality, functions somewhat like a sliding tool as well, since adjusting the number of clones above a frame already slides/adjusts the frames below it by proxy. So if I’m wanting to make subtle timing adjustments I already can accomplish this by increasing or decreasing the amount of clones I have. Whereas with moving frames around, I’m usually wanting to change their placement without altering the timing of my other frames in the piece, which I’ve done by accident a few times now with the slide tool, and have had to manually readjust my other displaced frames after the fact.