August 4, 2021 at 9:57 pm #3817
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Thanks a lot for coming back to me Katherine! I see. I think, basically, this is really mostly about what you (and probably many others) expect. Which is super important. My goal is to try to make AP do what people expect, while still having it do what I consider to be good usable functionality.

I do still believe the slide mode as it is now, is very useful. You see, the point is that you first do your timing using very few key drawings with clones between them. Once you have your key drawings positioned as you want them, say in sync with dialogue or music, then you wound’t want to use Add Clones mode to adjust anything, because you would loose your timing later down the timeline. This is why Slide mode is valuable I believe. With Slide mode you simply slide (adjust) any key drawing to hit the right point in time according to your audio or timing. And nothing will be misaligned anywhere else.

But as I said, what you expect is super important. And some kind of swap/move mode is valuable as well. So I do believe we need to have all three modes. Somehow we just need to make it sort of self evident what will happen (what to expect) as you use any of the modes. – As a minimum super obvious what mode you are in.

More thinking is required! 😉

Thanks again!