August 4, 2021 at 10:12 pm #3818
Katherine LeiterKatherine Leiter

No problem at all! I’m really excited to see where the program evolves from here, and that definitely makes sense for the slide function when working with isolated sections! It gets a lot more chaotic when working in larger projects like I’m currently trying to haha!

I think potentially the simplest way of denoting what mode a user is currently in, could be a text display on the x-sheet itself (at the very top or very bottom), which could also act as a shortcut button to click and swap modes besides the drop down menu or the shortcut keys, since the current visual indicator of being in slide or clone mode is fairly subtle right now on the cursor. I regularly do work that doesn’t involve color with a bluelight filter on the screen which gives everything an orange tint, so the cursor changing from white to brown is sometimes hard for me to notice unless I double check the dropdown for what mode I’m in! (I’d pulled the program open just now to check how it looked while typing, and legitimately hadn’t noticed the little picture that appears by the cursor when in slide mode until now! I don’t fully know why I’d been missing it, but having an obvious indicator on the screen that’s larger than the cursor itself to notice could be a big help as well :>)