October 27, 2021 at 11:54 am #4005
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Thanks a lot Sythgara! Your expression animation looks great! Thanks for sharing it. I will retweet it. But first I’ll better answer your questions/comments…

Yeah, the pen options are very basic on purpose. We haven’t done a real brush system, because we have focused on nice but simple lines and the line engine under the hood. That enables you to do a lot of really cool stuff in later releases. But check out scaling up your lines/drawings – it’s like magic right? 😉 Anyway, we plan on evolving the pen options more in the next major release.

Lasso selection copying itself to other layers: I am not sure what that is about either 😉 I don’t understand what you are describing? What do you mean by “jaw”? Could you have changed to another layer while having your floating selection up? This way you can easily paste drawings on other frames or other layers. But it shouldn’t just happen of course. If this is a bug – are you able to replicate this?

More tools in Tool Bar: Your Speed Dials and Tool Bar will be configurable, so you can choose which and how many tools will populate them. If all goes well, this will be part of the next alpha release already (Alpha 5).

Resize entire animation: To have your entire animation in another format (resolution/aspect ratio) you just go to File -> Scene Settings – where you can go up or down in resolution and/or change to a more or less wide format, etc. You can have it stretch your drawings, keep aspect or crop/center.

Zoom with mouse wheel: On our list – Coming up soon.

Scroll bars: Do you mean in the main drawing area view? Aren’t those just annoying? Hold H (or Space) for the hand tool. Let me know, why you think scroll bars are important.

Audio: You will hear the audio while you “scrub” your frames (dragging the playhead back and forth), so you can get exact sync. We didn’t put audio on flipping with the cursor keys (or Q/W) on purpose.

Color Wheel: Coming soon – and very easily accessible. 😉

Soft brush: Sure – when we do our line engine upgrade.

Group Shots: Yeah, my thought has always been to animate shot for shot and then edit them together in any editing software later on. I believe that would work best – but let me know if you believe otherwise?

Anyway, thanks a lot for your thoughts! Let me know if you stumble across more!