December 20, 2021 at 3:51 pm #4192
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Thanks a lot Jerkdouglas! Your animations are awesome.

And thanks very much for your suggestions. Let me comment on each…

1) Yeah, I know, even though many people love the vertical x-sheet (must be the old guys, like me;)), quite a few don’t. You might be right – maybe it is just a matter of doing the exact same thing, but horizontal. Noted.

2) Actually we do have a built in automatic stabiliser already working on all strokes. It is much “smarter” and more subtle compared to those simple smoothing algorithms. However,  people are used to the smoothing, so even though it wasn’t our plan from the beginning to include this kind of smoothing, we might add it. Others have requested this too.

3) Skewing is on our todo-list. As well as other ways of transforming, like “squash and stretch” that will keep a volume, while pulling or pushing it in any direction.

4) Remapping keys is on our todo as well.

You mentioned Animation Paper being a raster program. And it is. At least our ambition is for it to behave and feel like raster. But we do have a special line engine underneath, which means we are (and will be even more so) able to do kind of cool things. We will do line-nudging, so for close in-betweens you can simply push your lines slightly and still keep them crisp mind you. But, already, take a look what happens when you pick up a smaller part of your drawing using the lasso – then scale it up, or even way up – and stamp it down again. There’s no degradation or blurring or anything. It feels almost magic! (At least I think so) 😉

Anyway, thanks for your sweet words! Keep beating your friends over their heads! 😉