February 9, 2022 at 11:07 pm #4294
Michael LenzMichael Lenz

Hi Niels, thanks so much for your quick response!


I am a musician and am trying to make a quirky/cute video for one of my songs so I am very much an amateur animator and this is my first time using your software.


I am using a Microsoft Surface operating on Windows 10 pro with 4GB ram and 64 bit operating system.

It could be my surface cant keep up with the processing or perhaps I’m also using too many original frames (I’ve been converting a lot of clones into originals so that I can modify them, perhaps I should try to use a more advanced method of animating).

Anyway, I we-transferred you my .ap file, hopefully you can see what I might be doing that’s causing the delays.


Thanks again for your haste with you reply!