February 10, 2022 at 11:47 pm #4300
Mike StumboMike Stumbo

Hi Kirian and my buddy Niels!,

If I may jump in. In regards to setup of Clip Studio, the UX is very PS or Synfig. Actually I’d say Synfig has a better setup. First thing Niels, you should know this— Clip Studio is a Painting App, not and animation app! It has a setup similar to Sketchbook where you can open an “animation” document and it has a secondary setup for traditional animation. But where it lacks, is in tools! One thing Sketchbook has above all other drawing/painting apps is a transparent brush, where you can literally go from drawing/painting to cutting out with the same brush tool, it just turns off the color. It’s handy for those that like to draw manga or comic book style, like myself! I actually wish PS had an option to key the color box on/off! Instead of having to use white and then have the white removed afterwards; also Sketchbook has a great symmetry tool, and stencils, such as circle, ruler, and now a curved ruler!
Anyways, enough of me rambling. Hope that I helped. Cheers!

~ Mike Stumbo


PS. Happy New Year Niels!!!

PSS. Any update on Alpha 6? Really looking forward to colors!