February 13, 2022 at 11:58 pm #4328
Overton LoydOverton Loyd

Whoa – sweet!

Now that I know where it is, it seems perfectly located and very well designed. Perhaps just making it clear in the documentation of the final version is all that’s required.

Since I’m self-taught, I’d never heard of the term “Trace Back” before. Googling, and learning about that distinction has vastly shifted my approach to animation. I realize that your main concern is functionality, but I REALLY appreciate how well you drop those kinds of golden nuggets. I could listen to you share about animation methods all day and feel that educating us about professional animation “techniques” is what makes your application so compelling and distinct from the competition.

BTW, thanks Niels, for responding so quickly! That level of customer service makes you an inspiring coach as well as an innovative software developer, which far exceeds any feature that could possibly be crafted. Also, thanks for your monumental commitment to empowering creators, and transforming our capacity to bring our dreams to life!



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