April 18, 2022 at 6:35 am #4601
Mike StumboMike Stumbo

Hi Sam,

This is Mike again. I hope this answers your request.

First though, are you using a drawing tablet, such as a Wacom or XP-Pen? This will greatly help you if you don’t have one already! There’s some that are relatively cheap too! Amazon has the Wacom Intuos starting at $64.99 USD.

Anyways. The hand tool is accessed by simply holding down the H key, zoom is Z, and you guessed it, rotate tool is R key, respectively. The space bar is set as the combined tool, which I actually like and prefer because it means I have two less hotkeys I have to have programmed on my drawing tablet. Also with Alpha 6, you can now zoom in/out with your mouses scroll wheel, and pan with the hand tool by middle mouse clicking and holding, like in apps such as Photoshop.
Hope this helped, fellow Alpha tester, and

Happy Animating.

~ Respectfully,

Mike Stumbo

Animation Generalist