November 15, 2022 at 4:44 am #5123

Hi Niels and AP team!

I’ve been playing with AP for a short while and can only say that I greatly enjoy the software. Initially, it took some getting used to the shortcut and functions but in general, it is easy to pick up and start drawing. I find AP to be user-friendly without having all the overwhelming fluff like Flash and Photoshop. I also enjoy this better than animating with Procreate.  I truly love that there is practically no lagging with the drawing tools and have not once made my computer fan go crazy…yet. (I’m still practicing with exercises so I have not done intense full animation to push the limit.).

I’m still poking around the nooks and crannies but here are a few items on my “wish list” that I would like to see in future AP builds:

  • Sometimes I still struggle with P/M/B (due to being accustomed to adobe shortcuts.) This is no biggie but one thing for sure is the keys are too far apart from each other to easily switch between the tools. Maybe consider having 1 key that can switch between the drawing tools like what you have to draw/erase function.
  • Hovering the cursor over the tool will show the keyboard shortcut OR easy access to a cheat sheet would be awesome esp for newbies!
  • Adding “+/-” buttons on the X-Sheet aside from pressing “N” and “Cmd + Shift + Delete.”
  • The grid is very difficult to see. The lines are too faint to see and it would be great if visibility could be more apparent or if we could adjust them.
  • A ruler for creating guidelines.
  • Of course, as mentioned in other threads, the ability to draw straight lines.

The list of things mentioned is a few that I think could help make the workflow easier. Super thank you for creating AP!