February 8, 2023 at 9:16 am #5405
Alex YaremchukAlex Yaremchuk

Thank you for such a quick and in-depth reply.

When do you think Alpha 8 can be expected. If this one issue can be addressed, the rest are mostly cosmetic. The tool feels very comfortable and its hard to find a comfortable 2D animation tool these days.

>>>We do have a warning about this popping up if it starts going slow. Maybe you got that?

No, I didn’t see the pop-up. Does it mean that the app is vector somewhere under the hood? You’ve mentioned it can scale up with no loss.

>>> Did you know there’s an option for locking clones for drawing. So you don’t accidentally draw on clones, ie update the original.

Yes, I did, I watched all the videos and I tried this. But it turned out to be even less helpful, because now I can draw only on the ”root” of frames with longer exposure. I instantly had to turn the lock off.
This clone linking tool I know I will never ever use, so it would be nice have an option to turn it off completely. For me personally the simpler the better.
And same goes for lasso. Its best (for me personally) if its quick and simple. No bells, no whistles. 🙂

>>>Copy/paste selected area: That’s what the lasso is for. Just lasso the area you need, go to the frame you want it copied to and stamp it down there.

Yes, I tried it and it copied whole frames. Maybe I did something wrong. I’l try again.

About the last point with moving Xsheet. The thing is I again personally find it confusing that Xsheet scrolls whenever you touch the horizontal timeline. Would be great to have either an option for manual scrolling only (or when the active frame is out of range only then it scrolls) or have a very clear of static visual anchor. Just a personal thing.