September 15, 2023 at 11:25 am #5957
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Hi Mike,

Thanks for bringing this up. I saw the presentation. It’s of course hard to tell exactly how well it works without having tried it – but it looks great.

In my opinion it was a very sales’y presentation – I mean, rosy language (but that’s what the presentation was for, so understandable ;)). Much of what was said, I felt, could apply to Animation Paper too – so it will be interesting to check it out. Procreate is obviously good and popular, so it will be interesting to see how Dreams does. A scary competitor for me of course. 😉 But that’s how it is – healthy competition.

The price tag is amazing. I think $20 is super affordable. They must me planning on selling large quantities. He did mention quite a few times, that this-and-that was only the beginning and more would come, which tells me that the various features might be somewhat limited – on the other hand, they have had 5 years to develop it all. Even though 5 years can go by quickly – when developing animation software, I can tell you! Hehe 😀

About your size discussion, I am not sure. Once it is all digital, I feel it is super individual what people prefer. People have different habits (zooming/not zooming/drawing from wrist or arm/etc etc).

Looking forward to read what others have to say on this… 🙂 Please participate folks! 🙂