September 15, 2023 at 4:48 pm #5960
Mike StumboMike Stumbo

Hey Niels,

Good to hear from you and it’s been awhile right? Yeah I have used Procreate when I had an iPad, and really do love Apple’s Pencil, especially the 2nd Gen! My kids have iPads and so my oldest uses it, so that’s cool, no money wasted. I have my problems with Savage and its CEO and Co-founder, James Cuda. But I’ll remain professional and not use this thread to vent any more than I already have. 😂

The app did look really impressive, but tablets are just not gonna cut-it in full production studios. I mean sure, I see them used for Pre-vis., for storyboarding and note taking, but to actually sit down and crank out hundreds of frames a day for weeks on end— never gonna happen! It’s simply a shtick for indies and tubers. Not my thing, but I’ll be getting it for my kid, cause she likes to try and animate like her daddy. ☺️

Well Niels, it’s nice hearing from you and hope development is running smoothly for you! Hope to talk soon. Cheers!

~ Respectfully,

Mike Stumbo

Animation Generalist