September 16, 2023 at 6:32 pm #5963
Mike StumboMike Stumbo

Hey Niels,

So my thoughts on a round/circular stencil is very similar to the lasso tool. How once you’ve made a lasso, only what’s inside can be drawn on, masking basically. However, with the circular tool you can use it to draw around the edges, much like Sketchbook’s circular tool. I use circles/rounds on most of my drawing, as I’ve educated my and others, round lines give organic results while straight or flat lines give a mechanical result.
Nudging will be super helpful, and probably used a lot by myself! Maybe having the nudge tool set to a hot key like ctrl, cmd or alt would be nice that way users don’t have to switch tools or open up menus. That be cool. Sounds awesome though.

~ Respectfully,

Mike Stumbo

Animation Generalist