November 24, 2023 at 7:13 pm #6143
Kim JohanssonKim Johansson

Hi there!

I tried procreate dreams since release a couple of days ago and be honest… I´m really really underwhelmed!

I think you can rest assured Niels that animation paper is on the right track here! If one is used to traditional animation Dreams is extremely frustrating and lacks fundamental features that are essential to many serious animators workflows. I have hopes they will add a few more essential functions but here are a few things that made me really unimpressed:

– The massive canvas they showed in their keynote is not as impressive as it seems compared to animation papers infinitely resizable lines. There is no way to upscale drawings without loosing quality in Dreams. You are also strictly limited to a few seconds on higher resolutions. (I know my iPad is kinda old 10,5 2017 but still. In callipeg, rough animator, clip studio ex I can work with much longer sequences in 4k without issues.)

– No lasso tool to cut and paste parts of a layer. (Although they will probably add this feature it´s kinda strange it didn’t make it to a final release.)

– I don´t see an out of pegs or light table feature. Regular onion skins is what you get. And to be honest I don´t think their target group will ask for one either which makes the app kinda irrelevant as an animation tool for more complex scenes.

– Creating in-betweens for multiple cels at ones is a no go. You have to move them one by one which is SUCH A PAIN… OMG!

– Changing the exposure from ones to twos and so on is also a no go. I mean you can drag and adjust one frame at a time but I mean. Who does that, it takes forever!?

– No way to export a PNG sequence… What is going on here?

I think it makes sense Niels that you are taking your time on this one, there is absolutely no reason to stress because of Dreams release. Your application is for another kind of user in my opinion, even if they overlap in certain areas. And your brush engine just makes SO MUCH more sense for the purpose of animation when you need to rescale drawings often. And if you can nail a colouring feature where you can change multiple frames at the same time as in toonz, I will choose and recommend animation paper over Dreams any day of the week!