December 21, 2023 at 3:20 pm #6217
T ColemanT Coleman

I just like how mechanical pencils are and I would think it would be something more akin to what I use Irl. Like 5.0 lead 4 example. And since we have talked about this before I know u fixed the pencil’s roughness and have cleaned it which I am patiently waiting 4 to try and use. I am just saying to have more to add to the pencil in itself because I believe it could give ppl more options. And it would be dope 2 see another pencil tool next to the base one we recognize and know of. I also feel it is always a missed opportunity with animation software’s to not have that tool or function within it, because many ppl like me don’t use wooden pencils they use mechanical ones. And I also believe it could give the tool more variety to it since that is my go 2 when it comes to my supplies, and like I said what I use. And also I want to just have a software that reflects what I would want 2 have in my tools as if I’m drawing on paper. That’s all I am saying to add to this software and build on it. Another question that I have is will the interface look different and will it keep the same simple approach that is easy to navigate like we always knew of? And of course, Thank u Niels 4 the reply back.