July 2, 2024 at 12:18 pm #6769
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Thanks a lot for your very valid point. I think I understand your complain. If you have an original drawing centered in the X-Sheet and you drag it a few frames up or down you can lose track of where it is, because when you let go after the dragging – it will be re-centered (current frame is always centered) in the X-Sheet. Of course your new timing is intact, it’s just disorienting as you say.

I know about this problem – and we have actually tried to not center and tried other solutions as well, but they become problematic in other regards. So it is a difficult UX problem to tackle. We have it on our todo-list already – but I will give it another look asap now you bring it up. Thanks for that! 🙂