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    Ezekiel MorrisEzekiel Morris

    Greetings creators,

    I’m looking for three volunteers from the Animation Paper community to join me on this quest to help with the animation production so I can show off the software performance of Animation Paper and get these animation showreel clips ready for my website.

    I’ve managed to do a lot of the groundwork.

    I’ve created:

    • Seven extended intros.
    • Five episodes for an animated series.
    • The animated series Intro is animated and needs paint filling.
    • The end credit scene for my animated series is animated but needs paint filling.
    • One of my intellectual properties has a pilot episode that needs to be animated.

    I have 13 animatics that need animating so all I want is reliable people to help me put this together.

    The Animation Projects 

    So to start things off we will work on one episode for my animated series and one of my extended intros. I need two animators and one artist/animator to help me with episode 1 and. one extended intro.

    1. The first episode is 11 minutes long,
    2. One of the extended intro is 4 minutes.

    Once episode 1 is completed I will broadcast the show to see what the audience thinks of it. If people like the show then we can start a crowdfund to complete the rest of the episodes.

    Also, create a donation link to help fund the animation software to support Niel and his team.

    Also, there will be a crowdfund for the extended intros and the pilot episode as well.

    The extended intros are simple to go through but  I need some assistance to speed up things.

    I’d appreciate it if there’s anyone in the community who has the time to volunteer because I need some help and I need real people like you to make a difference.

    • Reliable
    • Trustworthy
    • Communication
    • Problem-solving
    • A keen eye for detail
    • Flexible
    • Willing to learn new skills

     One Artist / Animator


    • Background art
    • Digital painting
    • Test movement

    I need an artist to do the background art and I’ve created some rough sketches of background scenes in the animatics to make things easier, some extra hands on the test animation if needed.

     Two Animators


    • Test movement
    • Lip syncing
    • Paint filling

    I just found the best way to speed up things, it’s most likely that animators can do the test animation, lip sync, and paint-filling but the rough and clean-up linework drawings I can do but also I will help out with the lip-syncing and test movements.


    Opportunities and benefits  

    1. Your name will be added to the end credits on the animated  series
    2. A member of the organisation
    3. A get-together for a buffet meal of your choice
    4. ARS mouse mat and mouse
    5.  ARS fridge magnet
    6. A giveaway of two ARS comics

    Send your animation showreel to artisticrangestudios@gmail.com

    If your animation work is good then I will arrange a live chat meeting with you.

    Have a good day speak to you soon,


    February 2, 2024 at 10:45 am #6394
    Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

    Hi Ezekiel, good luck with your project! Cool that you look for voluntary work – maybe a couple of young aspiring animators/artists will join you. However, this forum isn’t the most active, so I would look elsewhere too. You are probably already doing that. 🙂

    I think that you should elaborate a little on what you mean by “test movement”. 😉 It confused me at least.

    Also, I appreciate you are thinking of setting up a donation link for me and the team. That’s not needed though. But thank you very much.

    All the best,

    February 3, 2024 at 11:04 am #6395
    Ezekiel MorrisEzekiel Morris

    Okay, I will look for volunteers if you have any suggestions on where I can find some leave a  message.

    oh, I call it test movement or test animation before going into the rough drawings in blue 🙂

    Many thanks, Niels,


    February 3, 2024 at 11:47 am #6396
    Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

    OK, I see – makes sense. You’re welcome.

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