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    Hello Niels and to everyone who is working on this amazing software, you guys rock!!


    Thank you for this amazing program, i can not say enough about it! My dream came together, to animate and combine it with my music! I really enjoy the feel of the brushes, the simplicity and directness of the software!

    I have just a few ideas, that might already have been mentioned before! Excuse my English or my inhability to use the proper terminologies or words on describing what i’m thinking, but i’m no proffesional animator 😉


    1) I would like to have the option to draw landscapes on a bigger canvas/reel and then move that reel depending on which direction  my characters are going! For example if i draw birds flying on top of a city and i have to draw every inch of the buildings whenever i move the image, it wouldn’t work so well! I mean i could always draw the landscape, then use the cutter, and then make it bigger and move it left,right etc. but i guess it’s not the most optimal solution!

    This example is a bit one step further :    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdHTlUGN1zw&t=369s

    2) Colours!!! Tons of them …..you guys rock, please include as many colours as possible! If you can also include automations for the value of each colour, so that for instance we could go from dark blue to light blue frame by frame, without changing layer, that would be a cool feature! especially if you wanna draw sunrises or sunsets 🙂

    3) This one is a stupid request. Make the cursor a bit more visible when drawing on top of darker colours. i undesratnd that you can lower the value of the colour or even take off the dark layer, and draw on top of a white one, but i do like to draw on darker surfaces, and it is sometimes more relaxing for the eye ( for some of us).

    I don’t have anything else in mind!! Just a lot of graditute to what you guys are doing, i can’t wait to buy the full version! I was drawing as a kid , and then stopped cause i got into music and after all this time everything came full circle, connected, and now i’m drawing reels for my band …. we call ourselves Gulls of Rot, and we play experimental Doom using visuals on our performances!


    this is our instagram page where we upload our animations (everything is made with animation paper, except the logo of the band where is made with real markers):



    ..and this is a small free sample of our music on  bandcamp if you feel like checking us out:



    Thank you again for what you are doing and all the best!



    March 30, 2023 at 10:50 am #5540
    Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

    Hi Nikos! For some obscure reason your post only today popped up in my system. So I just now approved it and is answering. Super sorry that you had to wait this long.

    Thanks so much for showing your stuff! It looks great and I like your music too! YOU guys rock! 😉

    To answer your questions here goes: We plan to do camera movement (panning/zooming) at some point in one of the next major updates, so this will come! Also actual colouring and paint will be implemented. This is already for the first free update (v5.1) after the one we work on right now (v5.0). The colors you so masterfully have utilised in the current version, is mostly for “colorcoding” the layers – to visually make you set them apart while working. Actual colouring will come soon!

    About the cursor not being visible enough – have you tried turning off the “Faint Cursor” option in the Draw menu? I hope this will make it visible enough also on the dark backgrounds. Let me know.

    Thanks again for your kind words! Good luck with your further endeavours!


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