• April 10, 2020 at 2:03 am #2334
    Erik ChichesterChillRobSki

    Hi Niels

    Great work on Animation paper! I was definitely excited to try it out and I really like it. A couple initial thoughts.

    1. Making a blank keyframe is a bit cumbersome. Command Up is a good hotkey but I instinctually just want to arrow over and see one created. This will help so I can continue drawing which will speed up work flow. I’ve been using the jump to the end button instead. (Perhaps in a play or x-sheet mode you can’t create a new key when narrowing over).

    2. The scale tool needs to have a warp option built in. Universally scaling is nice but sometimes I just need to grow/warp from the top or side of a drawing.

    3. A continuation of the tool bar with access to icons with all of the drawing tools you created would be awesome! Perhaps a button to hit to scale the canvas as well? 🙂

    4. Moveable UI or set up for left handed vs right.

    5. Ability to import Photoshop brushes or save brush settings. (Might be my computer but after the app sits dormant for a wile there was some weird line jittering with the pencil brush).

    These are my first impressions but other than that Animation Paper great and I’m sure some of my suggestions you’ve already worked out. Please, please, please continue to take my money with an iPad version. Even if I have to use a keyboard with my iPad I won’t mind until gestures come in. Your App is so dang cool and I know you will dominate the market on Desktop and IOS devices for sure.

    Thanks again and congratulations!

    April 10, 2020 at 10:09 am #2340
    Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

    Thanks a lot for your points! All of them we already have on our list and will consider carefully. Most is easy to implement, your Photoshop brush point is exactly what we hope to do, but it might turn out very difficult (impossible). Some kind of brush system (if not PS compatible) will going to be a reality at some point I’m sure.

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