• April 26, 2020 at 10:15 pm #2672
    Goran JanosevicGoran Janosevic

    Hi Niels,

    I´m really having a lot of fun with AP so far and I´m still learning how all the functions work. What I like is the return(flipping) mode, the easy cloning mode, the skipping through frames and basically how easy and fast it can be to create some first results! This is really great!! 🙂

    So far I didn´t experience any crashes or freezes. The one thing I did notice though, was that I couldn´t set the hard eraser to a very small amount so the circle shrinks to some extent but if I would want to use it for precision erasing it wouldn´t let me set to a very small eraser (dunno if this is a bug or not). Didn´t experience the same problem with the kneaded eraser (it works like a charm). I also noticed jittering in my line work and whenever I drew from default view (0% 100%, centered) the lines were offset, shaky,bit muddy and with no pen pressure. I am using a “xp-pen 22E” screen/drawing tablet and it works perfect regarding line weight and line precision when I use Clip Studio Paint or Krita.

    I also discovered that the files indeed get quite big, really fast (as already mentioned from other users). Currently I am having a 25 frames sequence which is already 125 MB big). I did my best not to use the lasso/cutting tools excessively so that I wouldn´t run into any out-of-memory trouble while working and not to get the file size big really fast. I compared the file size of my AP animation scene/loop with another animation examples which I created (25 frames, also) with Clip Studio Paint and Krita and was surprised how much smaller they are (16 MB and 12,3 MB). So…all in all – despite the problems which I faced so far – it is a huge joy to work with AP!

    Therefore for the next/future alphas I would love to see some improvement in these areas and would be really thankful if you could fix them as best as you can. Now I don´t know if this is something you have on your list but maybe it would be possible to intergrate a flip canvas function and a more pronounced line stabilisator (maybe even a stabilisator which the user can define for his/hers specific needs)? I really appreciate all the hard work you and your team are putting in and I´m thankful for your cool piece of software! BIG UP!

    April 27, 2020 at 8:20 am #2685
    Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

    Thanks for this Goran!

    The vinyl eraser is for broad stuff and can not be small on purpose. Use the rubber eraser – that is for detail work and can get tiny.

    The problems with your line definitely sounds like Animation Paper doesn’t recognise your drawing screen and therefore it is used like a mouse, with low resolution and no pressure. Not optimal at all. Others have the same problems. This is something we must fix. We are looking into it.

    Files sizes are not large with Animation Paper either – but I’m sure you are right about similar animation will be smaller for Clip Studio Paint and Krita. One thing is the lasso problem. That does make the sizes very large quickly. But even with out this, sizes will tend to be slightly larger. This is because of the advantages Animation Paper has regarding the line being fully scaleable without any degradation or blurring at all. Also coloring (when that is done) will be much more precise and without any antialiasing artefacts as you sometimes see in other software. In Animation Paper you can also work in a smaller resolution and then change to a higher resolution before exporting – and the result will be super crisp!

    Regarding your last comments: All of it is on our todo-list. We are working on doing and improving. I am happy that you like Animation Paper already – and it is getting better! 🙂

    April 28, 2020 at 8:55 am #2704
    Goran JanosevicGoran Janosevic

    Hey Niels,

    thanks for taking time to read and to reply to my post – really appreciated! I will try the “trick” with lower resolution which you suggested. Also…That´s really great news regarding improved future alpha releases! I´m really looking forward to it and can´t wait to test ´em! 🙂

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