• July 20, 2023 at 3:29 am #5852
    Herb MontesHerb Montes

    That is the headline that jumped out at me when reading news articles online. Reading further it was about the preview to Disney’s latest animated feature, Wish. Instead of images rendered in 3D much of the imagery was done in 2D hand drawing and painting. Could this mean a shift in animation back to 2D?

    We have seen recently of 3D animated features not doing well at the box office. Are audiences tired of the films rendered in such fine detail that they go beyond the uncanny valley? And I do remember a news article last fall of Disney wanting to hire more traditional animators. Is it happening? Is 2D making a big comeback?

    I more than anyone want to see 2D back in full force. And now would be a time when 2D animation software blossoms forth to encourage young and old to explore the medium again. I can only hope and wait with anticipation. The first animated feature I ever saw was 101 Dalmatians. And it would not be the last. Hold tight on to your pencils and styluses the future looks exciting!

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