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    The software is very practical and easy to use. For exemple the lasso tool direclty becomes a stamp tool without having to press another shortcut. You can flip through the drawings while keeping the “shift” button down. While pressing “control” you can change either the size or the opacity of a drawing tool by simply going up down or left right with the stylus.

    All these functions have this “but of course it makes sense” feeling and are easy to learn/use. AP is really nailing down the very specific tools that 2D digital animation needs. Other 2D packages do not do that very well, Animation Paper really stands out.

    Now the X sheet stands in stark contrast with that philosophy:

    • Computer screens are horizontal not vertical. To display the entire X sheet you have to rotate a secondary monitor and detach the X sheet, not practical even if there was a zoom function for the X sheet.
    • The very word itself doesn’t clarify it function where as “timeline” does. It is used everywhere on computer, when ever we play music or watch a video.
    • In the xsheet menu the function “merge layer down (right)” perfectly illustrates that the word layer is something we think of as a top down relationship. Timeline with layers is what is expected and generally used in most graphic programs.


    At the bottom of the screen you already of have the frame numbers and a timeline. Why not simply place the X sheet below there?
    It is interesting to note that the ancestor of X sheet is the bar sheet which is horizontal. It was simply placed vertical so informations could easily be written and given to the camera operator and other departements.

    Anyway AP already a wonderful piece of software. Keep up the great work!

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    Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

    Thanks a lot for your kind words! I completely get your points of the vertical/horizontal X-Sheet.

    The reason for doing vertically like it is now, is simply because that was how it was done traditionally. It makes sense in many ways, I think. Also many animators have thanked me for doing it like this. 🙂 However it would make sense in other ways to have it horizontally. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference – and you are not alone!

    We do have a setting planned, so you will be able to choose from vertical or horizontal X-Sheet. So pretty soon you can have it as you (and others) suggest.

    Thanks for mentioning it!


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