April 5, 2020 at 3:01 pm #2105
Todd DolceTodd Dolce

Hmmm ok..so nothing worked. What a big bummer! (for me at least)

Wilfred: I know this seems hard to believe, but there are still some of us that do not use Apple hardware. I’m too invested in the Win PC arena and reinvesting in another OS seems over the top to accommodate one program. I use a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 15″. I have 3 different Wacom pens that I use with it and have never had this issue with any of my other programs so this is a new one on me.

There really aren’t any Wacom settings to adjust ( It’s a Wacom enabled pen convertible laptop and the pressure always works beautifully with every art program I have ever used )but again,..I have never had to.

Hey,…it’s a price I must pay I guess for not being an Apple guy and I’m sure the vast majority will have no such issue after the official launch but I just wanted to report it in case a solution was possible.

For me though this is a huge problem as I cannot even get the line sizes to change, let alone the pressure widths. I’m not going to dwell on this though any further than this as I do not want to be THAT guy who rains on the parade here.

Apologies to Niels! The effort and work put into this program is INCREDIBLE!!!

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