April 24, 2020 at 10:09 pm #2615
paul fierlingerpaul fierlinger

Hi Niel,
I like the tiny pencil looking type of cursors, even just a short slanted line as long as they encompass two views; visible against a dark background and light background, but then it requires actually another pair: left handed and right handed.
A question, since I have your attention: I never took the trouble to check out the availability of using the Wacom pen’s rocker switch which most people like to use for erase and draw, but there are several other very useful variations to make use of this important utensil. Does Paper Animation have anything like that?

And what about the distribution of panels across multiple screens? Two monitors is very common these days and I even have 4 monitors (for TVPaint), or is this something you prefer not to get into? I understand that you are targeting a different type of user than TVP, which I agree needs your software more than something like TVP. But even the simplified animation program in my view needs to interact with any NLE out there whether animators know this yet or don’t — eventually everyone needs a good companion video editor.