May 20, 2020 at 8:43 am #2878
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Hi Acel! Thanks for this extensive feedback. Appreciated!

I’ll answer your questions/comments one by one below…

Animation Paper
-When doing small curves quickly, it breaks the line. Drawing slowly will give you the intended results. Personally it is not a deal breaker for me as the only time you would do it that quickly would be during a shading process.

That’s odd. Not supposed to happen. Maybe try running with a lower resolution and see if that helps? If you need the high resolution for your output, you can always change it to the higher res before you export (your drawings will update to be fully crisp, without any loss og degradation).

-Delete Layer (cmd-shift-del) not working despite the other command combinations working.

Weird. Maybe something else (other software, like Astropad?) is blocking this key combination? It works just fine in all our test environments.

-Rubber Eraser doesn’t look any different than the Vinyl Eraser despite the tutorial video stating it should give a soft edge. Even zooming in I didn’t see any noticeable difference. Could be due the Astropad’s pen pressure.

You are right, it is VERY subtle. You need to basically regard the Rubber Eraser as the thin version of the bold Vinyl Eraser.

-On the view tools with the Apple pencil: -The Pan works fine -Zoom tool sometimes work, like around 80% as it is kind of fidgety in various strokes -Rotate works fine, but I am not entirely sure without knowing the pivot point to know if I am rotating based on the Apple Pencil’s point of origin.

Could the 20% not working be because you are dragging diagonally bottom/left to top/right? The zoom reacts to up/down or left/right. Doing “both” will cancel it out.

When you rotate it is always rotating around the center of the view.

-Comment on the Light Table intensity adjustment: I would like a more in-depth information for this to know the difference in regards to using Setting A & B, as I find myself using setting B for the in-betweens.

A and B is just like two different presets. Often it is nice to have two different settings (like for rough and for clean up purposes or something else). This way you can keep two different settings and easily switch between the two.

-For Speed dial it works after I tapped it with my Apple Pencil. I would imagine it would work extremely well with the Apple Pencil 2’s tap function once you’re able to map it.


-Clone drawing by dragging with Apple Pencil works.


– Astropad

Thanks for all your remarks. Good to know. As for the zooming/rotating using touch/gestures. This has not been implemented yet – will come soon.

– Personal Thoughts
Thanks a lot! Glad you like the proper traditional X-Sheet way of doing it. 😉