May 20, 2020 at 8:34 pm #2880

>Maybe try running with a lower resolution and see if that helps?
– I went back and set the resolution to the “small” preset 512 x 384 and the lines still break, though how often is a separate matter.

>Maybe something else (other software, like Astropad?) is blocking this key combination [Delete Layer, (cmd-shift-del)]?
– No that isn’t the case as I tested the key combination before using Astropad. I checked again today and it still didn’t work, but stuff like the delete drawing (cmd-del) and clear drawing (shift-8) works fine, so it is that particular combination that isn’t working. It is likely due to the keyboard layout since I am using a laptop instead of a typical keyboard.

>You are right, it is VERY subtle. You need to basically regard the Rubber Eraser as the thin version of the bold Vinyl Eraser.
-That is kind of disappointing.

>Could the 20% not working be because you are dragging diagonally bottom/left to top/right?
-After doing various strokes with the Apple Pencil in the direction you stated: Doing this in long and short strokes is rather slow compared the other directions. When doing the opposite direction (from top/right to bottom left) that is when it got fidgety.

>When you rotate it is always rotating around the center of the view.
-Ah I see.

>A and B is just like two different presets. Often it is nice to have two different settings (like for rough and for clean up purposes or something else). This way you can keep two different settings and easily switch between the two.
-Always great to have options

I did a couple of testing with Astropad’s toolbar preferences and this is the following results when you set the shortcuts in Astropad:
Setting the individual keys, like “O”, “K”, “N” “spacebar” works like you had expected
When using the view tools “Pan”, “Rotate”, and “Zoom” you hold that button and use the pencil
If there are any keyboard commands that involved “shift” and/or “Cmd” they will always be a “Play” command regardless
So in conclusion you can set any keyboard shortcut as long as they do not have “shift” or “Cmd” in Astropad’s toolbar.

Thank you for the clarifications.