June 18, 2020 at 9:05 am #2947
Marcin SusMarcin Sus

Oh man, I’m the worst possible user. First didn’t check help for keyboard shortcuts, and now not able to see smoothing algorithm. I guess it’s some kind of Kuleshov effect – didn’t see the smoothing option, so wasn’t able to see smooth lines. 🙂 Sorry for that.
Copy/cut/move/scale/paste is quite common operation in 2d software so maybe there should be some ‘workaround option’ to convert lines to just pixel data and wipe all underlying data related to redraw lines. I think most people are ok with scaling up and lost quality – this is what every non-vector drawing software teach you over the years.
Yes I did see the warning, and it’s better than crash, but it looks like big issues to not able to freely transform/copy data.
But maybe just ignore me 🙂 – I’m new user, I’m not an artist and curiosity was dictated by fact I’m programmer.
Still animation related features are very very nice. I tried animate in sketchbook but in terms of animation is rather basic, but in general they have similar approach to AP to keep things simple and intuitive.
Looking forward to see next releases.