July 16, 2020 at 11:33 am #3001

Hi Niels, thanks for your quick reply 🙂

Looks like I missed the link-funtionality. I think it works fine the way as it is. May be if one can opt for inserting clones or blank drawings it might be helpful in some situations.

Yes, I know the “key” function. When working with 3 layers as I tried, of course I can also indicate (extreme) “keys” in the (red) extreme layer … but then I can’t step through all key-drawings (keys and extremes) in one go (shift + down), unless I overlook it again.

However, within the same layer at the moment there can only be “keys”, no “extremes”. From the book mentioned above I see the value of having and being able to visually distinguish key-images quite “far” apart, inserting (red) extreme-positions (like ups or downs), and interpolating further with in-betweens (green).

So, such a workflow is possible. If you or others find it useful it may be an idea to make it a bit more smooth to operate. Anyway, as a novice to animation I like what you created so far.

Best, Michael