September 19, 2020 at 4:19 pm #3152
Todd DolceTodd Dolce

Niels, ok,…so I have put the pen through its paces and can report the following oddity. I notice a pretty significant lag when drawing. (Even at slow speeds) If I use a fast hand and create a fast stroke, the lag is even a bit more apparent BUT it is there even on a very slow and deliberate line stroke. It seems to do this with the pencil and brush. I tried 2 different styluses and netted the same strange result. It is extremely laggy when creating any type of curved line and/or loops. Pressure has no effect on the lag. Drawing a light straight line quickly has less lag but still is evident. This occurs with all 3 brushes. If I really slow down the stroke on diagonal lines is drags badly. Very strange.

So the line variation is solved but it looks like there remain some troubling issues here. I promised to report back so that is what I’m doing. I have the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 15″ convertible laptop running Windows10 Home. I have no issues with ClipStudio Paint Pro or Photoshop (just as a reference).

I think you guys are almost there with the pen solution but there must be something going on that has a negative impact on the pen lag now.

Let me know if I can help further with this.