October 12, 2020 at 9:02 am #3246
tarun Singhtarun Singh

Hi Niels,
Went throught the steps and it worked! Checked importing audio (.mp3) and it is working as expected.
Though one thing of note here, if one imports audio first then the xheeet doesnot display the entire audio. One has to extend the drawing clones to the required no. of frames to fully reveal it, which I guess is unnecessary step when anyways we have to access the whole working length of the audio to work on it. Is it supposed to be like that? (This is how monkeyjam does after importing one can access the complete audio immediately though no new drawing layer is added which one needs to add separately and then extend it to the desired no. of frames).

Also, “Take frame off the pegs” shortcut (hold ctrl+alt) is not working, wasn’t working on the alpha 2 realease too, but it was working on the alpha 1 release. Though it works if it is accessed through the menu. (should I make a new thread for this topic?)

Thanks a lot!