November 1, 2020 at 9:58 pm #3289
Russ WielenbeckRuss Wielenbeck

Not out of the woods on this one… it’s related to the LASSO CUT TOOL AFTER resizing the scene…
After resizing the scene as described above, I proceeded to use the lasso cut tool to move and resize the image on the frame. Making sure to carefully trace outside the boundaries of the sketch (because at first I thought I was too quick to draw the lasso around the image), the lasso selection cuts off a portion of the selection. If I give it an unusual amount of space outside the boundary of the image, it’s OK, but this is outside of the normal selection behavior one would expect in doing things like this.

The steps to recreate:
1. New Scene > pick 1080p
2. Draw a rectangle anywhere on the screen
3. File > Scene settings… > choose 2k > OK
4. Choose the lasso cut tool > draw a lasso around the outside of the rectangle in a natural way (i.e. rounded corners ore perhaps even a little oval shaped
5. You should notice perhaps the lower left of the rectangle shaved off in the corner (at least that’s what’s happening to me).

That’s all.