March 3, 2021 at 4:39 pm #3524
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I tried opening the program again and being extremely patient, after a few tries that it decided to close on me, i finally got it to load in. I looked at the box in which my computer came in, and according to the box it has 4G of RAM. I shuffled around in the settings and it said that ”kasutatav ruum 3.82gb” which could be interpreted differently in my language, so i am a bit confused if it means space that is avaliable to use, or already in use. According to a translation dictionary ( ) it means space that is avaliable to use. For some reason i haven’t been able to find where i could see what exactly is taking up my RAM space, and where stuff is saved into. As i was looking through any memory settings i could find, a tab in one of the settings told me that my drive has 197gb of free space. Somehow it sounds like it isn’t an issue with the lack of saving space.

I guess that i will try and retrace all my drawings, then get rid of the ones that become duplicate, maybe that will help reduce the file size and any cloggy frames that might’ve suffered some form of lasso/select all overuse.


I am still pleasantly surprised at how fast i get feedback!

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