March 3, 2021 at 10:15 pm #3527
Questions HereShebun

After quite a long session of redrawing almost anything that i thought had fallen victim to the overuse of cutting tools, i have come to the conclusion that the lag has left only smidgeons and disappeared for the most part. I even had some time left to add about five new frames and copy ten that i could reuse, and the file size has gone down a bit- it is now 613mb.

i had saved my progress twice, hoping that all my progress would be saved. When i went to close the file, i got a notification with a yellow exclamation mark saying that the project had been modified and if i would like to save the changes. ”Why not,” i thought, and my PC proceeded to deep-freeze on me one more time. After another forcible restart, i was relieved to know that my progress HAD been saved. I opened up AP one more time to make sure everything was a okay but when i tried to close it, the same notif popped up, even though i hadn’t made any changes. I’ll just keep away from accepting when the notif asks me if i would like to save.