April 20, 2021 at 8:31 am #3566
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Hi Dharmadude!

Thanks very much being in love 🙂 and for using Animation Paper! And thanks a lot for this report of yours.

I am curious to find out if this could be caused by you accidentally hitting the shortcut for turning the lightbox on/off? The shortcut is Shift Space. If you use both Shift and Space frequently and rapidly could it be that you at some point hit both at the same time? Please let me know if this would be out of the question or not?

Your second issue with the timeline could potentially also be such a thing, I mean, did you know you can adjust the Range of frames that you see and work on? You adjust the Range by manipulating the bar below the timeline. You can set it so only one of your frames is visible out of many. Also adjusting the Range can be done using shortcuts, which are Cmd Arrow Left/Right for the Range Begin mark – and Shift Cmd Arrow Left/Right for the Range End mark. (For PC users, you use Ctrl in stead of Cmd).

Maybe these issues are due to actual bugs. Please let me know what you think! If they are actual bugs we need to investigate further and fix them of course.

Thanks a lot for your help! Vey much appreciated.