April 30, 2021 at 11:28 pm #3600
Hans Jacob WagnerHans Jacob Wagner

Importing of images and sound as reference, you already got that in AP.

Export with or without Smpte time code.

To be able to export time edits to update video editors, there’s some exchange standards, that I didn’t look into.

Inserts of new panels with or without pushing the time line.

A storyboard wall interface where you quickly can alter the organisation of panels.

To be able to work on the whole project in one animatic.

Dedicated exports to other animation packages pr scene, with the exact sound clip.

Production timeline, and workload estimates/reality. Excel output. A love/hate issue.

Print settings for precut cards, like A5, A6 and or other similar B formats, if possible.

That’s all for now 🙂