May 18, 2021 at 1:44 am #3645

thanks Niels

Just something about me, I get into something then I really get into it,

meaning that I am just discovering animation but i can see myself learning more and getting a higher level soon as I have done with other programmes. As I said am proficient in Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign etc. and it is something that was lacking

So it is nice to be able to do that and test it for you, you can have the beginner’s point of view and soon maybe a better level.

I think it is nice to have a programme open to all, not only level, but interest and abilities this is why it would be interesting to be able to do things with imported files such as jpeg, png etc. and to be able to smoothen lines etc. as mentioned above. I wish I could draw better though and your software could help and make it easier and accessible to all.

Am old school , so I like the fact that you use paper animation jargon and it also looks very genuine. So to have the basics explained and all the tools there could feel like being in a workshop.
Another way for you would be to “label” on mouseover for quick explanation.

but am glad I can help, looking forward to learn much more.