July 15, 2021 at 1:04 pm #3780

First impression right out of the gate (without searching for help):


The Good

I like the placement of the frame number. No guessing. It is clearly marked.

I like the ease of importing premade animation frames.

I like the how simple and straight forward it is to start a new project. It requests all information needed without having to hunt down where to input (such as frame count).


The Bad

I don’t like the placement of the x-sheet. To the point I won’t use the program if it cannot be moved below the viewing plane for the current animation. It complicated things and disrupts the pipeline flow. It also breaks up the viewing plane by forcing the user to hunt for the x sheet (IE left or right side)

I don’t like how audio is added to the current x-sheet. I keep trying to slide the audio to the proper place. But the x sheet placement is causing a continuous issue. The vertical x sheet made properly synching audio seem like an impossibility.

First animation loaded was faded, as though light table was on. But there was no indication of such. This caused confusion. At a glance, after no luck with finding out how to view a preview of a finished product (including audio and vibrant true color) I moved on.

Keep in mind these observations were made before attempting to locate help. I did this with the impression of being on a time crunch, such as animation studios are. You sometimes don’t have the time to look up answers and are forced to fix/find it yourself. Sadly, I was not able to locate solutions for the problems I faced. However, I do think the program has promise. My only true suggestion is an interface that is fully customizable. And once added, maybe a frame indicator for audio., Such as a frame highlight (like a different color) when audio is synched to a specific frame. These are my only suggestions for now. Keep it up. I really want to see the finished product.