August 25, 2021 at 8:25 pm #3895
labo UQATlabo UQAT

Hi Niels and Frederik,

We installed Animation Paper for the first time last year, and it was a colleague that left since then that did the installation and he didn’t leave much notes about the licence for Animation Paper.

Of course, he encountered that issue and by searching for a bit, we found in some emails sent to the teacher and the tech of that department that what they decided to do was have the teacher and each student generate their own activation key and simply activate the software in their profile as needed. As the activation is fairly simple to do, it’s not to much of a hassle to have them do.

Although that works, we usually try to simplify software usage in classrooms because not all students are “techsavvy”, even though it’s part of their field of study. So maybe if there could be something for that in the future, that would be awesome.

As for the specific questions, it is currently local profiles, as this saves space for network storage, by only having specific folders redirected on fileservers, and also because sometimes they need to log on multiple machines (Mainly for rendering).

Local Profiles are deleted upon the computer boot up, in order to recover disk space and not end up with full disks.

Students may change computers a few times during a single day, depending on classes schedules. From week to week, they might not even use the same computer in the same class.


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