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Thanks for the reply!

(Now that i tried it out, it works, and is actually simpler than the explanation. I’ve stumbled on moving something off the pegs accidentally before, so that’s what it was… Now i see why it would be helpful!)

Did i miss this on-pegs off-pegs feature in the tools introduction video? Or was it not covered in the initial ones? I got the concept but i’ve still got some lingering executional questions i’d get the answers to by some simple shuffling around; but i also know there are people who get it a thousand times easier when a video shows it to them.

On the other hand, i’d take the bitmap way without questions. I’d much rather cleanly redraw a blown-up or squished-up frame than deal with 10 seconds of some tools wondering if they’re called or not. (I’m no fan of having an expanded image’s line weight visibly differ from all the others; clean inking is also my favourite process of animating.).

I’m also really looking forward to manually tweening without lag, since i’ve not found an editing program that would be easy to use (also i’m not willing to make any expenses unless i know it’d be worth it… I know AP would) and i’m fairly exhausted from downloading and trying almost any free editing software to see if it would work for tweens and camera movements as easily as animating in AP goes.. Do you perhaps have any recommendations for beginner-friendly software that is more or less capable of applying tweens, camera movements and such?

I really fancy that AP isn’t in my face and doesn’t crowd the interface with all sorts of plugs and tidbits.. I’ve seen on videos some other animation programs and i couldn’t really make sense of them even after seeing people work with them. I’ve also never seen support of such speed, kudos for that!

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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by Shebun.